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breaking news on r t one hundred forty suspected affiliates of islamic extremist groups detained in moscow after a raid on a house of prayer it's claimed to have been visited by those who later join militant groups in the northern caucasus and planned terror attacks. toxic on certain t.v. u.s. says it suspects quote with varying degrees of confidence that syria's government used chemical weapons and now the u.k. joined allegations citing quote limited but growing evidence. a pussy riot band members denied parole with a judge ruling sure have to serve a full two year sentence for her punk performance at moscow's christ the savior cathedral. and terror alert e.u. when u.k. officials sound the alarm over young europeans being recruited to join islamist rebel groups in syria they may pose
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a serious threat upon any return. nine pm in moscow i matras a good having you with us here on r t our top story one hundred forty people have been detained in moscow on suspicion of having ties to islamic extremist groups security services saying they swooped in on a prayer house that they believe was visited by people involved in northern caucasus militant organizations artie's marie if an ocean is about on top of the story for us she joins us now with more so what exactly has been going on in this raid that happened just in the south of the russian capital. well we're hearing that one hundred forty people have been detained in southern part of russia's capital suspected ties with extremist islamist organizations and more than thirty of them. to be sold on this although we don't know what countries i'm in from or
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which nationalities they are that's following a special operation by russia's federal security service that we are hearing is continuing in this very moment right now in that part of moscow the tension has happened at the time with deliveries gathered to in. one of the residential areas in that part of mosco for their friday prayer as we know the most important prayer for all muslims it hasn't been in a mosque we know that that. is in the residential area of moscow so apparently towards kind of an apartment maybe a private party that's been used for as a chapel where believers have been gathering to pray police is saying that most of those who've been regular attending this place have a late to join the ranks of militant groups active in northern caucasus in russia and some of them have been involved in preparing and carrying out extremist and
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terror attacks in russia police is saying that at least five people of five of those two who were arrested in two thousand and eleven for the full can perform full connection with terror attacks carried out before in russia were visiting these place in the southern part of mosco so definitely police it has had traces of these people and has been following them for quite some time now musher this all coming at a time when it stream ism and terrorism is something that's very much on the forefront of international headlines you know what amir putin discussed it yesterday during his where nationwide q. and a session talking about the need for better cooperation and security between the united states and russia do you think that factors at all into the timing of this operation. i don't think that the reason i am a connection between what happened in boston and what happened in moscow today terrorism is a global threat and russia is many many countries all across the world that. become
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a victim of terrorists many people have died in numerous terror attacks in russia and clearly these operations didn't start yesterday it's been for. some time continued because obviously before. these people have been searched and followed by police and federal security service but that only proves that counterterrorism operation in russia is continuing and terrorism remains a beacon serious threat for russia as well as for the entire world like marie if a notion of life for us in moscow thanks for that report. while battling extremism becoming a major concern for the e.u. as well hundreds of young europeans allegedly heading to syria to join radical militants there fueling fears of how the e.u. should deal with them if they ever return the block santy chair tara chief said it's a worrying trend that's posing a serious threat to european security belgium launched a crackdown on extremist networks arresting several individuals suspected of
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recruiting fighters are keys to reports. syria's two year old conflict is already seen spillover some neighboring countries but now it is extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the revels in syria in fighting against bashar al assad london based international center for the study verticalization with a tall figure at six hundred. hearing on the media coverage of the radicalization young people has recently focused on a specific story of a father in search of the son dimitriy want to have joined a radical islamist group that had gone to syria to join the fight. we are hoping to bring. planes are flying overhead all the time when we are on the streets or inside a building we have
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a bomb was dropped on us i haven't had contact with. him he's here in aleppo we spoke with dimitris lawyer who is in constant contact with him and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son. we don't expect that you will send me to syria i think that's that's clear so that's also why didn't he. was eager to go in self he said i want to do something for my son a son who started changing about three years ago problem to us that certain moment he was influenced by some radicalized made contact with some people on the streets and there was also a story about. told love. girlfriend and he didn't he didn't work out and you know some friends he say ok come with us and very slowly started it he was really influenced and really brainwashed much of my client.
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started wearing other clothes. pretty for every five times a day things like that so it was a little bit awkward for for some fifteen sixteen years old so he was really under influence of radical. radical people this groupie you had come into contact with the issue really for belgium a radical islam is a group whose leader followed belka some had been arrested for hate speech and calls justifying the use of violence over there is judgement day if you're if you're a muslim you will you will go to paradise if you're this believer you will go to hell terrorism expert glowed many cases the rise of radicalized is alarming many of whom are easy prey the first. question is why they convert and usually they don't convert because dude they convert because of a problem at one moment in their life most of them have no clear political ideas
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and they go to fight because the fight. and their goal is to fight if they were they don't meet listen to convince them. they could be in a sect because the trapped in the net of people who have just talked writing them and for the convincing them that to be good in the same they want to go to syria to sign or to commit another terrorist attack. authorities are paying even closer attention with alert levels heightened while worried family members of some the youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they could do short of going to syria themselves although that may not be completely out of the question does our sylvia r.t. antwerp in belgium. and still to come here on our key r t with the u.k. echoing u.s. claims that there is evidence of syrian troops using chemical weapons we take
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a look at whether or not there's any basis for the statements. but first one of the jailed pussy riot band members has been denied early release from prison a judge in central russia ruled to keep nadezhda tolokonnikova toeic on a go of to look behind bars for the remainder of her two year sentence she got that term for hooliganism last summer for groups impromptu protest performance at moscow's christ the savior cathedral. has more. process lasted for almost ten hours and the decision on. parole has been negative now the judge said that she considered every single statement coming from the defending lawyers which were mostly related to her having a rather good behavior during her prison term now into russian prison and also the fact that she said she has a small daughter to take care of and the fact that she could get an employment
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after she may get this parole but all this was negated by the accusation from the prosecution that she in fact had several misdemeanors during her time in detention and during her pretrial detention moscow and during her prison sentence here in central russia so these facts were according to the judge weighing much more and she covered the member of the pussy riot punk band was denied her parole and now we all already know that one of the members of the punk band it in the cemetery which is on parole she was released because the judges ruled that she did not approach the outargue during this so-called prayer in the crisis a look at it will most go and the appeal here at the parole hearing of the third member of the group. i look you know will be will be reviewed as when to stand later in may but for now we understand that an idea of the recording of will have to spend the rest of her prison term that is until march twenty fourth teen in
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prison unless the defending always decide to appeal because we understand there was a violation of the code when the judge did not let the defending lawyers have the word and this may prove pivotal because when aside from the defending lawyers that they will appeal this decision which was made today in this court in central russia . a massive fire tore through a psychiatric hospital in the moscow region killing all but three people within thirty eight bodies have been recovered after the rescue operations wrapped up the blaze engulf the entire building and reportedly erupted in a wing providing special care to patients. has more from the scene. it was around half past one in the morning when a nurse at that tiny psychiatric hospital in the village located around eighty miles away from moscow noticed smoke in one of the hallways she trying putting out the fires self but flames were spreading too quickly of course we saw the front entrance catch fire we dashed forward and broke the door we saw one man line and
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costly we try to help others but there was too much smoke and we had to run away one of your local saw was happening some of them rushed to the hospital to try to help with the fire was already too powerful for them to handle only two patients and that nurse made it out alive while dozens of others didn't and this is a psychiatric hospital and patients are given seductive drugs and investigators say now that could be one of the reasons why so few people made it out alive they say that most of the others it's very likely simply were not able to wake up when the fire started due to the heavy medication and other problem is that the nearest fire station is located around three miles away from here that combined with bad roads were the reasons why it took over an hour for the first rescue teams to arrive investigators say that some of the patients died from smoke inhalation but most simply burns to death in their beds. the nurse who worked that night is in stable condition in hospital but she is obviously shocked by this terrible and painful
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experience experts were already able to investigate the building where the fire took place and they say it's most likely that it started in the sofa backing up rumors that one of the patients could have left a lit cigarette on it. it's not allowed to smoke there. probably someone lit is cigarette in bad and it all caught fire obviously right now many questions need answering there's lots of uncertain information and contradicting information as well but hopefully the ongoing investigation will help shed some light on the reasons be. one of the worst hospital fires in russia in years you go to school of our moscow region and returning to our top story right now foreign fighters entering syria while the u.k. has been promising to support the syrian rebels british volunteers are leading the battle have put intelligence services on alert the u.k.'s foreign secretary william hague that warned anyone to radicalize while fighting alongside muslim militants
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could launch terror attacks if they ever return home let's take a look at some of these figures that are summed up by a king's college london report among all of the european countries the u.k. has seen the biggest contingent of citizens heading to fight in syria since the start of the conflict in two thousand and eleven the numbers range anything from twenty eight to one hundred thirty four and from seventeen to seventy seven of them brits still there on the battlefield the total number of europeans currently present among fighters in syria estimated to be up to four hundred and forty one let's discuss this all with mikhail curry carol shirt company a spokesman for the e.u. home affairs commissioner thanks very much for joining us here on r t so apparently i'm guessing these aren't like normal citizens housewives who are putting down their dishes and going to join the battlefield tell us please a little bit about what the kind of typical person is who's going to fight alongside these militants and what's the concern about this. well it is very
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difficult to give you a general profile of this kind of people it can vary very much we have seen that also the age range can vary very much can be between eighteen and twenty four as for example we've seen in belgium but it can be older in the counter is often what we see the common point is that these people have a certain point been contacted or they're getting in contact with a radical or extremist group which attracted them and then afterwards they've started to become more and more radicalized and decided then to go and join sometimes the. fight and some other time is from a different angle but it's always religiously inspired extremism it is very difficult to give course situation at this stage it's also very fragmented as you
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can understand this is a phenomenon that is to kind of put together or to detail what we're seeing is that at this stage as we speak there are no direct threat or planned to be you security in general coming from this phenomenon but of course there are concerns that radicalize people who have been participated to this kind of fight and ones coming once again in europe use their training or dave knowledge even don't have to works you know order to. foster radicalized view and extremist violence so what are you planning to do or what is the e.u. playing to do to keep that from happening. well we have loans and we are working now with our the collision awareness network which is new project that is putting together actors at different levels from local police to local authorities region
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or notorious but also stakeholders and people working with social services with health care at the local level in order to try and help us countering extremism and radicalized propaganda in order also if possible to detect the signs of people who could be radicalized or prone to extreme extremist violence and this is now for the first time being really active on the u. territory as we speak there are meetings of our network and over the protection heiress and participants all over europe in many counties many cities and there are many projects going from using the voice of victims of terrorism to also using the voice of radicalized fighters who have abandoned radical views and have deregulated if i can say so in order to testify and to be witness of the fact that this is not at all a romantic pattern or an idea of going somewhere kind of
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a very ideological view of it but this is something that can be very very nasty and can have a very bad consequences for your life so we've tried like a job anybody who wants all the different elements one more question was running out of time the e.u. facing a domestic terror threat possibly stemming from this but yet still stepping up its support to syrian rebels in general do you see a disconnect there. it is frankly not for me in my position to give you comment on this specific question i would be i would have to refrain to comment since it's not my specific competence to talk about these issues. all right make sure konya spokesman for the e.u. home affairs commissioner thanks very much for your time thank you. still to come here on r t in the hospitable kingdom how un torture investigator has been has a trip to bahrain canceled by authorities in the gulf state as the country remains engulfed in anti-government on arrest what his reaction live here on r.t.
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after a short break stay with us here on the program. the nonproliferation treaty stands as one of the most important international agreements ever signed the treaty is under threat from such countries as iran do some countries get a free pass while others are punished even though they aren't complete compliance.
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with international law and in the very heart of moscow. britain has echoed claims coming from the u.s. saying that it has a growing body of evidence that syrian troops have used chemical weapons. with london announcing it's extremely serious some in washington claiming the red line has been crossed by the assad government this is damascus is blaming iran blaming syrian rebels for a chemical attack near aleppo this march remaining resolute that its army has never
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used such weaponry let's get more from this from an anti-war activist lindsey german joining us live from london so the u.k. has reportedly confirmed the use of chemical weapons in syria after an m i six operation but we know that intelligence worked but we know how the intelligence work rather in the run up to the war in iraq so could we be seeing that kind of game plan again in syria or ready to take the officials at face value is german can you hear me so i could just repeat the question yeah absolutely you can he has reportedly confirmed that there is the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime in syria echoing what has been also already been said from u.s. officials but we also saw this sort of thing happening about dangerous weapons being in the hands of the regime in the run up to the iraq war do you think we're seeing that kind of pattern again leading up in syria right now or you ready to take officials just at face value with this. absolutely on the same sort of story
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is being repeated and of kools many people didn't believe it ten years ago. and many more now realize. i think this latest piece of evidence very very. even the u.s. and british authorities assignment. even of the profile of the. quantities of. any of these things are they using the five supposedly chemical weapons being used sarin is being used in this way to increase the prospects of intervention in syria and this comes in. a whole number of other things including the foreign ministers meeting this week and deciding that they will start the involved. that they've placed on syria in order to
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boil not from the government but from the opposition and it seems to me we're going very dangerous road and yet again this is a further step forward in the in the poems towards intervention of the sort that we did in iraq. says the data their intelligence provided is not irrefutable meanwhile the syrian opposition is demanding action from washington its allies and the u.n. so what i think was behind the unconfirmed statements then i mean why now well i think what's happening is clearly conflicts about whether there should be direct intervention is clearly many people in the opposition who want the u.s. and. the western powers to intervene there are politicians in illinois countries who want to do a fear of the consequences and they know particularly in britain david cameron knows that any sense of this is connected to. the sort of thing that went on with iraq is very very unpopular so that the nervous about it at the same time they want
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regime change i want to get rid of assad they want to go change the face of the middle east so they weaken iran fundamentally and weaken iran allies which include syria and hezbollah and lebanon and so on so i think this is a move where they're trying to amass more move reasons go and we already have u.s. and british troops training in jordan the syrian border we already have money coming in from saudi arabia from qatar. to fund the opposition we already have but turkish government has provided facilities for the free syrian army we've already had all of those things going on and i think this is a further escalation of the sort of off to the possibility of more lawful commerce said last year at the existence and all the things we would. be a game changer for the people wanting to open it. all right when the german thanks
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very much for your time. take a look now at some other stories making global headlines this hour rescuers located fifty survivors trapped in the rubble of any factory building that collapsed earlier this week killing three hundred in bangladesh meanwhile hundreds of thousands of angry factory workers clash with police over the tragedy security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets as well as road blocks to end textile factories were attacked us already have come under fire for negligence after it was revealed factories in the doomed building continue on the fissures in the structure . gunmen ambushed an election convoy in the southern philippines late thursday killing thirteen wounding ten a local mayors daughter and relatives among the victims police say the attack carried out by fifteen assailants possibly from a rival clan during the country's two thousand and nine elections more than fifty died in poll place violence including thirty two journalists. forty five people
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killed in afghanistan in afghanistan when the bus they were going on crashed into the remains of an oil tanker that had met attack by the taliban a few days ago ten more reported injured and women and children said to be among the victims the bus burst into flames after it struck the tanker it had been left on the road after police in the area too dangerous to enter. under a strike by inmates at guantanamo bay detention center has now reached ninety seven officially nineteen of them being force fed but lawyers for the prisoners claim the figures are much higher in fact some inmates have been starving themselves for nearly eighty days now over what they say is abuse of their rights and indefinite detention without charge the obama administration recently announced plans to keep the facility open despite mounting reports they could use. up next opinions clash in debate heats up over iran and a nonproliferation treaty cross talk with peter lavelle coming up.
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no this is not a fifty's beside fi movie slogan it is what a.b.c. news is trying to find out when they investigated how alina finally texture produced this type of quote beef has become very widespread throughout fast food restaurants and supermarkets in the usa and has led to its south dakota based manufacturer posting profits in the hundreds of billions of dollars but so what's wrong with some processed before might ask well the reporting showed that ammonia and other rough chemicals were doused on the meat bacteria and make it safe for consumption although this product is for some reason legal the film is about to create public backlash many companies gave up ordering and then mysteriously and
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finally took should be ok while the mainstream media for once actually did something valuable for society and what did they get in return sued yeah the pink slime crew decided to sue a.b.c. news and forced them not to divulge their company's secrets as well as punish them for defamation against their product which led to profit losses and guess what they won the lawsuit well the faming products that on mass could destroy the health of millions of americans is no blasphemy in my book but that's just my opinion. favorite. if you're away from your television. with your mobile
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device you can watch on t.v. . anywhere. hello and welcome across all things are considered. the nonproliferation treaty stands as one of the most important international agreements ever signed.


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